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In some men the frenulum, which is a band of skin on the underside of the glans below the urethral opening can become problematic. A tight frenulum can cause pain and discomfort specifically during sexual intercourse. This may result in tearing or splitting of the skin around it.

What can be done?

A simple procedure which involves the division of the band and resuturing in the opposite direction can be performed under local or general anaesthetic. This is called a frenuloplasty.

What to expect after the procedure

The procedure is relatively straightforward. Apart from mild discomfort, the sutures will dissolve spontaneously after about 3 weeks. The foreskin should be retracted gently on a daily basis to stop the frenulum from reattaching. A change in the sensation on the head of the penis may occur after the procedure. If the frenuloplasty does not resolve the problems, circumcision may be required.

At LMC a specialists group of consultants can provide an expert opinion and perform the procedure under a local or a general anaesthetic.