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Nesbit procedure

Nesbit procedure

The Nesbit procedure is the commonest surgical intervention for Peyronie's disease, and is on the whole a very successful operation. It is generally indicated in men with a penile curvature of less than 60 degrees, with adequate penile length, reasonable erectile function, and where more conservative options have failed or are not suitable..

In this procedure a small section of the penile deeper penile tissue (tunica albuginea) is removed - to make it the same length as the opposite (shortened / scarred) side. The correction is tested at the end of the procedure to confirm that the penis is functionally straight.

By definition, there is a small loss of erect length with the Nesbit procedure, but on the positive side it is a very effective treatment that restores sexual function in the majority of men, has minimal complications, and a durable result.

Very few patients require any further treatment. A simultaneous circumcision is sometimes recommended for a smooth recovery and uncomplicated outcome, depending on how tight is your foreskin.

What happens after surgery?

A dressing is placed on the penis for 24 hrs after the surgery, and once removed there is no need for any special dressings. The recommendation is to take a week off work, and to avoid intercourse for a month. Patients are usually reviewed in clinic 6 weeks after the operation to ensure that all is well.

Nesbit procedure